SPeaking engagements

To book me for lectures or panels, please use my contact page.


March 21, Adler Planetarium.

  • Suffragette City: Chicago’s Leading Women in Comics


May 25-28, WisCon. Madison, WI

  • It's Been 25 Years Since Star Trek: Deep Space Nine

  • #OwnVoices: Opportunities and Obligations

  • Arab American Fantasy (Moderator)

  • POC Are Disabled Too! (Moderator)

April 8, C2E2. Chicago, IL

  • 99 Problems But A Comic Ain’t One: Comics as Therapy


May 26-29, WisCon. Madison, WI

  • Queer Eye for Sci Fi

  • Fanning and Creating With Disabilities (Moderator).

  • Fighting the Erasure Within: The Journeys to Reclaim our POC Identities

  • Let’s Go Steal a Panel: Leverage and Fandom

  • F*ck You, Pay Me: Equally Compensating Marginalized Creators

May 6, Harry Potter and the Pop Culture Conference. Chicago, IL

  • Discarding The Cloak Of Invisibility: A Candid Look At The Whitewashing In The Potterverse

  • Queerness in Harry Potter (Moderator).

April 21-22, C2E2. Chicago, IL

  • You Have Died of Exposure: The Importance of Compensating Marginalized Creators

  • Geek Girls Unite: Finding your space in fandom

March 2-5, ECCC. Seattle, WI

  • Rebel Scum: Finding Hope in Resistance